We’re Engaged!

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On October 11, 2018, nine years after we first started dating, J proposed and I said yes! We are both just over the moon and so happy to share this moment with our families over the weekend.

Here’s a little (long!) summary of how the proposal went down for you curious ones!

Our Anniversary

A few weeks ago, J told me he was going to take me somewhere for our anniversary this year and asked me to book a couple days off work. Throughout the following weeks, I poked and prodded to see what else I could find out before the trip. A few questions that came up:

  • Where are we going? (Naturally!)
  • What do I wear? (I wanted to plan some mini-shoots – also, naturally!)
  • Who else knows what’s going on? (Because I hate surprises and love the challenge of discovering them. Ha!)

He gave me some outfit details to work off of and that was about it. No location hints, no associates. He just asked me to go with it this time. Trust me, it took every fibre of my being to not go into maximum snoop mode (keyword: maximum).

I know some of you are thinking, “Girl, how did you not know what was happening?” J has thrown a few surprises including one for my birthday this year and, every time, he asks me not to snoop (I always fail to oblige). I had an inkling but, at the same time, I wasn’t about to set any high expectations!

The Set-Up

On Thursday, October 11, 2018, we packed our bags, dressed up in our dinner attire (he said we wouldn’t have time to stop at our accommodations) and headed out on the road. It was a crisp, foggy Autumn afternoon. After about an hour on the highway, we peeled off at the Tremblant exit and I had my first solid hint.

However, J said he needed to make a quick pitstop. We pulled into a nondescript parking lot and he got out of the car. I could see him make a couple phone calls, then typing on his phone, brow furrowed, then make more phone calls. After 15 minutes or so, he got back into the car and we continued on our way. I asked him if something was up and he simply stated that there had been a miscommunication and wouldn’t say any more.

Shortly after, we arrived at the Casino de Mont-Tremblant. This, he said, was where we would be eating dinner. But first, he wanted to make another phone call. He got out of the car and I watched as he made a couple more calls. About 5 minutes later, he was done and we were on our way into the restaurant.

The Proposal

Once we were done eating, he told me we were headed to an AirBnb that he booked for us. We drove down some quiet, dark roads until he finally turned into a gravel driveway. The house was dark and there was an old beat-up car parked to the left of us so I asked him if he was sure this was the right address.

He told me he would go check and got out of our car. Honestly, I felt like I was in the middle of a horror movie!

He came back a few seconds later and told me this was the place. I got out and walked with him to the pathway leading up to the front door. There, I saw a lit candle, two chairs, and a guitar. My first thought was, “Cute welcome by the AirBnb owner!”

Next, I saw string lights suddenly turn on the front yard and hanging from them were photos of me and J.

J walked me to the front step and gave the most touching speech. He then gave me a letter, which I read by the candlelight. Once I was done, J started serenading me while playing the guitar (I have never seen this man play, let alone pick up a guitar since I’ve known him).

After his mash-up, he stood up, as did I… and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was stunned. And, of course, I said yes! …and then fireworks went off in the backyard, like clockwork. It was, hands-down, the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced.

Once they were over, we went into the house and I saw that there were candles, rose petals and photos of us around the house. I felt like I was floating on a cloud for the next few hours. The whole thing was so romantic.


Behind The Scenes

But, being so curious, I had to grill him on how he was able to plan this proposal under my nose for so long. I have so many questions!

Breakfast at our AirBnb the morning after.

So what were all the mysterious phone calls?

First, it turned out that he had actually planned a helicopter ride that would fly us to the casino, but given the foggy conditions that day, he knew that it wouldn’t be possible to fly. He had to call Héli-Tremblant on the way once he saw the fog wasn’t letting up and come up with an alternative plan on-the-go. We were lucky that they were able to offer us a tour the next morning, when the weather was clear and the sun was shining. It turned out for the better!

Secondly, he was checking in with his two friends whom he had recruited to help set up the AirBnb while we were at dinner, and then set off the fireworks. These two were so instrumental in making sure this proposal went off without a hitch (and I didn’t even know they were there until hours after the proposal happened and they were on their way back to Ottawa!).

It also turned out that J bought a guitar and took private lessons over the past year so that he could surprise me. He practiced at a friend’s place and kept his guitar there, so I had no idea. I thought the guitar was there as a prop from the AirBnb, so when he picked it up and started strumming, I was truly shocked.

J put so much thought into every aspect of his proposal, the ring design, the location… everything. I could not have been happier and I truly appreciate how special he made this moment for the both of us. I really am the luckiest woman in the world.

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